Nutritious & Delicious Meals

Getting kids to eat healthy is our Job #1!  We work hard to build menus that meet all the standards of the USDA School meal programs.  We believe that we can combine well balanced nutrition with tasty foods that your child will want to eat.  We take pride in presenting a variety of choices for every taste and many dietary needs.  A healthy body supports healthy learning  and we are dedicated to building strong minds and strong bodies!

Take a look at what we’re offering each day to make school lunch something to look forward too!

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Does your student have an allergy or dietary restriction?

Please notify the school nurse. We can review accommodations that can be made as well as place an alert in our point of sale system that prompts staff to ensure the food your student has selected is free of possible irritants. Requests for meal medications are subject to the following Civil Rights Procedures.
Meal Modification Request Form